Pending the publication of the Public Call from the Programme for Financial Support of the Rural Development for 2018 for the Measures 321, 322 and 323, the Center for Development of the Skopje Planning Region in cooperation with the Agency for Financing Agriculture and Rural Development of the Republic of Macedonia On June 20, 2018, held a workshop at Hotel Continental. The workshop was attended by representatives from the municipalities in the Skopje region.

The goal of the workshop was to inform future users about the conditions and the manner of applying for the forthcoming public call. The measures were discussed as follows:

  • 321 - Improving the quality of life in rural areas
  • 322 - Reconstruction and development of the villages and
  • 323 - Preservation and promotion of traditional values in rural areas.

Centre for Development of the Skopje region has been established under the Law on Balanced Regional Development in May 2009. 

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